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JP-S62142768-A: Cutting tool having multilayered coating patent, JP-S62144870-A: Ladle driving device patent, JP-S62146250-A: Manufacture of deep drawn closure patent, JP-S62146954-A: Thixotropic polyurethane composition patent, JP-S62147073-A: Scroll type fluid machine patent, JP-S62150495-A: Electronic cash register patent, JP-S62158668-A: Cover for vessel patent, JP-S62162786-A: Scroll compressor patent, JP-S6216395-A: Electronic type liquid feeder patent, JP-S62167870-A: Steel sheet galvanized by vacuum deposition and alloyed to have excellent workability patent, JP-S62168442-A: Data error controller patent, JP-S6217250-A: Valley repairing structure in transverse shingled roof patent, JP-S62179284-A: Self timer photographing circuit for electronic still camera patent, JP-S62179409-A: Operation apparatus of movable mechanism in seat for vehicle patent, JP-S62185531-A: Power source using pneumatic generator patent, JP-S62186622-A: Position display system patent, JP-S62199917-A: Separation lubricator for outboard motor patent, JP-S62203770-A: Vertical type vice device patent, JP-S62205301-A: Copper mirror and preparation thereof patent, JP-S62209736-A: Optical head for optical information recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S62210870-A: Ultrasonic motor patent, JP-S62211432-A: Drain erected pipe joint patent, JP-S6222526-A: High pressure water tank for eel patent, JP-S62232887-A: Multi-opening type electromagnetic cooker patent, JP-S62236857-A: Polyamide composition patent, JP-S6224125-A: Optical semiconductor measuring apparatus patent, JP-S62241284-A: Method of reducing grounding resistance patent, JP-S62242784-A: Continuous type treating furnace patent, JP-S62243021-A: Inputting method for special character patent, JP-S6224360-A: Word processor patent, JP-S62248920-A: Device for confirming shutoff valve operation patent, JP-S62258722-A: Air purifier patent, JP-S62260712-A: Production of silica particle patent, JP-S62265939-A: Automatic fishing apparatus by remote operation patent, JP-S62268603-A: Method of molding prottype body for sintering patent, JP-S62271010-A: Clock checking circuit patent, JP-S62271672-A: Grinding tool holder patent, JP-S62275400-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S62283250-A: Extending and contracting device patent, JP-S62285400-A: Incident apparatus of magentic resonance type accelerator patent, JP-S62290924-A: Data and/or graphics display unit based on processor patent, JP-S62291445-A: Fuel cut controller for electronic controlled fuel injector of internal combustion engine patent, JP-S6230390-A: Semiconductor laser device patent, JP-S6231074-A: Magnetic disk device patent, JP-S6231272-A: Universal head controller patent, JP-S6236297-A: Abnormal voltage damper for crane patent, JP-S6241111-A: Intermittently conveying device patent, JP-S6253036-A: Radio equipment for pll synthesizer system patent, JP-S6253564-A: Picture reader patent, JP-S6254744-A: Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition patent, JP-S6256116-A: Polyvinylidene fluoride series bi-directionally oriented film and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S627168-A: Manufacture of thin film semiconductor device patent, JP-S6273753-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-S6274558-A: Multistage fabricating process device in fms patent, JP-S6274638-A: Manufacture of roofing material patent, JP-S6281458-A: Water-soluble azo compound, manufacture and use as dye patent, JP-S6281793-A: Manufacturing laminated board for printed circuit board patent, JP-S6283600-A: Indicating device of distributing water piping network patent, JP-S6283770-A: Automatic magnification setting device in image forming device patent, JP-S6284406-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S6285174-A: Ignition control device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S6287675-A: Energy converter patent, JP-S6293163-A: Device for taking out tape wound on reel patent, JP-S629967-A: Multi-color printer patent, JP-S63102882-A: Method of controlling working robot patent, JP-S63108152-A: Petroleum hot air heater patent, JP-S63111650-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S63118714-A: Acoustooptic element patent, JP-S63126359-A: Original reader patent, JP-S63132161-A: Analysis instrument for exhaust gas of automobile patent, JP-S63139893-A: Hanger patent, JP-S63152928-A: Rotary type fishing ring equipped with improved fishing line controller patent, JP-S63155255-A: File access control system patent, JP-S63160125-A: Pressure sensor patent, JP-S63162374-A: Rear wheel steering device for automobile patent, JP-S63164201-A: Printed wiring board with printed resistor patent, JP-S63170788-A: Image processor patent, JP-S6317672-A: Production of seasoning patent, JP-S63192220-A: Construction of connection of output capacitor patent, JP-S63192564-A: Steel structure subjected to buildup welding patent, JP-S63195316-A: Two cycle engine patent, JP-S63205357-A: Thermoplastic resin composition patent, JP-S63216832-A: Production of methylstyrene patent, JP-S63244436-A: High speed search system for rotary head type tape recorder patent, JP-S63246602-A: Cylinder position detecting circuit patent, JP-S63248002-A: Switch for portable lighting apparatus patent, JP-S6324890-A: Separation and concentration of fermentation product patent, JP-S63249121-A: Resonance rotation optical scanner, resonance rotation vibrator and mechanical resonator patent, JP-S63259537-A: Light source device for copying machine patent, JP-S63260503-A: Hair dryer equipped with cord reel patent, JP-S63268946-A: Fuel control device of engine for vehicle with automatic transmission patent, JP-S6327624-A: Network for vegetating work patent, JP-S63281402-A: Thermistor patent, JP-S63281990-A: Attitude changer for bottle gripper patent, JP-S63287576-A: Production of flooring for bath room patent, JP-S63287999-A: Coincidence detection circuit patent, JP-S6328948-A: Start apparatus in loom patent, JP-S63291389-A: Single-turn induction heating coil patent, JP-S63295070-A: Manufacture of high strength welded steel pipe patent, JP-S63302298-A: Hollow plug patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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